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Calendar of Career Holidays

Calendar of Career Holidays for 2022-2023 year
Every day a lot of people work hard to provide other people many necessary essential services. They make our bread, repair our teeth, fix our cars, teach our kids, build our homes, and so on. Professionals of all sorts do their best to make our everyday life more comfortable and easy. All of them should be appreciated for the work they perform daily. Here’s a list of career holidays celebrated all around the world (by month) to remind us to thank professionals we know for their hard work and good service on their special day. Help us Help us 

Career Holidays all around the world for 2022-2023 year

May 2022

Wednesday 25 May - Accountants Day in Mexico (Día del Contador Público commemorating the events of 1907); Peruvian Clown Day (In Peru, the call it Dia mundial del payaso on el)

June 2022

Thursday 2 June - International Sex Workers Day (In 1975, on 2nd June, about 100 sex workers occupied Saint-Nizier Church in Lyon, France, to express their anger about their criminalised and exploitative living conditions. On 10th June at 5 o'clock the Church was brutally raided and cleared by police forces. This action sparked a national movement, and the day is now celebrated in Europe and around the world); I Love My Dentist Day; International Consultants Day (is celebrated on the first Thursday of June)
Tuesday 7 June - Journalist Day in Argentina (is celebrated om June 7 to commemorate the first issue of the Gazeta de Buenos Ayres. Día del Periodista)
Thursday 9 June - National Career Nurse Assistants' Day in US (It has always been observed the first day of National Nursing Assistants Week); Argentina Geologists Day (Día del Geólogo)
Saturday 11 June - Furniture Makers Day in Ukraine (Celebrated on the second Saturday of June. Unofficial professional holiday of furniture makers)
Sunday 12 June - National Automotive Service Professionals Day in USA; Computer Day in Peru (Día del Informático or Fiesta de los informáticos)
Monday 20 June - Warehouse Worker's Day (unofficial holiday, tags: #WareHouseDay, #WareHouseWorkersDay, calendar idea 2020); Gas Sector Day in Azerbaijan
Wednesday 22 June - Colombia Lawyer Day (Día del Abogado); Teachers' Day in El Salvador (Día del Maestro)

July 2022

Sunday 3 July - National Speakers Day in Argentina (Día Nacional del Locutor); Bioengineers Day in Argentina (Día del bioingeniero)
Monday 4 July - Country Doctor's Day in Argentina (Día del Médico Rural); Venezuelan Architect Day (Día del Arquitecto)
Tuesday 5 July - National Workaholics Day in US; Day of military missions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Commemorative date introduced by Order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation of 2016)
Monday 11 July - Engineer's Day in India, Telangana (The Telangana state celebrates Engineers day on July 11th on the birthday of Ali Nawaz Jung Bahadur); Ohio Aggregates and Industrial Minerals Awareness Week
Wednesday 13 July - Electric Power Workers Day in Argentina (Día del Trabajador de la Energía Eléctrica)
Tuesday 19 July - World Photography Day; Trainer's Day in Ukraine (unofficial holiday of sports trainers. For the first time, the idea of this professional sports festival appeared in 1999 among representatives of the Federation of Sports and Rhythmic Gymnastics of Ukraine)
Saturday 23 July - Engineer's Day in Singapore (Organised by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) in 2016)
Sunday 31 July - World Ranger Day (International Ranger Federation)

August 2022

Saturday 6 August - National Clown Day in USA (Saturday of Clown Week); Clown Day in Netherlands (In Netherlands, they call it Internationale clown dag); Clown Day in Italy (In Italy, they call it Internazionale pagliaccio giorni); Clown Day in Norway (In Norway, they call it Internasjonal klovn dag)
Friday 12 August - National Librarian's Day in India (in remembrance of national professor of library science, Dr S R Ranganathan [1892-1972], who had spearheaded library development in India)
Friday 26 August - Actors Day in Argentina and Solidarity Day (in honor of Mother Teresa’s birthday)
Saturday 27 August - Trucker's Day in Ukraine (Celebrated on the last Saturday of August)
Sunday 28 August - Miners' Day in Ukraine (is celebrated on the last Sunday of August); Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day

September 2022

Thursday 1 September - Emma M Nutt Day (in September of 1878 Emma M Nutt became the first female phone operator, and from that point forward it’s been a woman’s work); Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day; Journalist Day in Taiwan
Friday 2 September - Teacher's Day in Singapore (Celebrated on the first Friday of September)
Saturday 3 September - Methodist Day in Sumy, Ukraine (official regional professional holiday)
Sunday 4 September - Newspaper Carrier Day (United States); Secretary Day in Argentina (Día de la Secretaria); Customs Brokerage Day in Ukraine (in 1992, an order of the State Customs Committee was approved that regulates the activities of such specialists)
Wednesday 7 September - Secretary's Day in Zimbabwe (Celebrated on the first Wednesday of September)
Thursday 15 September - Sanitary and epidemiologic service worker Day in Russia; Engineer's Day in Tanzania; Engineer's Day in Sri Lanka; Engineer's Day in India (The Engineering Community across India is celebrating Engineers Day on 15 September every year as a remarkable tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (popularly known as Sir MV). He is held in high regard as a pre-eminent engineer of India. "Role of Engineers in a developing India" is the theme of Engineers Day 2017)
Saturday 17 September - Surgeon Day (Celebrated on the third Saturday of September); Miners Day in Frederick, CO

October 2022

Saturday 1 October - Day of Prosecutors in Azerbaijan; National Principals Month in USA (is officially recognized throughout the country with national and state resolutions supporting the event, as well as acknowledgements from U.S. senators and representatives and other government officials); International Music Day; International School Library Month
Monday 3 October - Techie's Day; International Doctor’s Day (on the first monday of October); Vet Nurse Awareness Week in New Zealand (Starts on the first Monday in October); World Architecture Day
Thursday 6 October - Physician's Assistant Day; National Coaches Day in US (PROCLAMATION 4157 -SEPT. 19, 1972. RICHARD NIXON. Coaches are highly qualified teachers — in highly specialized fields)
Sunday 9 October - Clergy Appreciation Day in US (the second Sunday in October); Realtor's Day in Ukraine (unofficial holiday); World Post Day
Wednesday 12 October - Old Farmers Day in USA; Emergency Nurses Day (the second Wednesday in October); Broadcaster's Day in Nicaragua (Día del locutor); World Economist Day (the day when outstanding representatives of the profession are awarded a prize by decision of the Nobel Committee); National Day of the Economist in Ukraine (celebrated in conjunction with the World Day of Economists); Engineer's Day in Uruguay
Friday 14 October - National Case Manager Week in South Africa; International Vet Nurse Day (Held on the second Friday of October); Wildlife Workers Day in Russia (unofficial professional holiday)
Sunday 16 October - Teachers' Day in Chile (Día del Docente or Día del Profesor); Engineer's Day in Bolivia; National Veterinary Technician Week in USA (sponsored by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America)
Tuesday 18 October - Pharmacy Technician Day (PTDay was first endorsed by Pharmacy Technician Educators Association, American Association of Pharmacy Technicians, Inc. – AAPT and Pharmacy Technician Certification Board in 2015. It has been observed the third Tuesday in October since 1991); Polish Post Day or Postman's Day
Thursday 20 October - International Pediatrics Day (The Day of Pediatrics or Día Internacional de Pediatría was instituted in 1973, during the World Congress of Pediatrics held in Argentina, in commemoration of the founding of Argentine Pediatric Society); International Chefs Day; International Credit Union Day; International Day of the Air Traffic Controller; World Statistics Day
Monday 24 October - Indonesian Doctor Day (Hari Dokter Nasional)
Friday 28 October - National First Responders Day (US); Engineer's Day in Venezuela (In commemoration of the installment of the Engineers College on October 28, 1861)

November 2022

Sunday 6 November - Zero Tasking Day (First Sunday of November)
Thursday 10 November - International Accounting Day (That's the date in 1494 when Venetian mathematician Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli published an epic tome that included an in-depth look at bookkeeping practices); United States Marine Corps birthday ball (United States); World Needleworker Day (celebrated since 2013 on St. Παρασκευή. Embroidery lovers consider her their patroness); Armed Services, Peace Officer, First Responder, and Dual Service Recognition Day in Ohio
Sunday 13 November - Journalists Day in Panama (Día del Periodista. Date commemorating the death of journalist and poet Gaspard Octavio Hernandez in 1918); Winegrower and Winemaker's Day in Ukraine (Celebrated on the second Sunday of November)
Wednesday 16 November - Foreign Service Day in Poland (Dzie'n Sluzby Zagranicznej); Educational Support Professionals’ Day in US (or National Education Support Professionals Day on third Wednesday of November); Substitute Educators’ Day in USA (is a initiative of the National Education Association Representative Assembly's New Business Item); GIS Day
Friday 25 November - Logistics Day in Ukraine (date for 2022. They celebrate on the last Friday of November)
Sunday 27 November - Brazil Labor Safety Day (Dia do Técnico de Segurança do Trabalho)

December 2022

Friday 2 December - Farmer's Day in Ghana (Date for 2022; celebrated on the first Friday in December)
Monday 5 December - Day of the Ninja (unofficial); Cuban Builder Day (Día del Constructor)
Wednesday 7 December - National Speaker's Day in Guatemala (Día Nacional del Locutor has been celebrated since 1978); International Civil Aviation Day
Saturday 10 December - Argentina Social Worker Day (Día del Trabajador Social); Clown Day in Mexico; Clown Day in Brazil (In Brazil, they call it dia Internacional do palhaço); Human Rights Day
Sunday 11 December - Engineer's Day in Brazil (11 December 1933 Day that the Law 23.659 regulated the Engineer, Architect and Surveyor professions)

January 2023

Friday 13 January - National Aviation Day in Thailand (วันการบินแห่งชาติ or Wan Kanbin Haeng Chat)
Sunday 15 January - Composers Day in Mexico (unofficially celebrated since 1965, officially since 1983); Teacher's Day in Venezuela
Friday 20 January - National Disc Jockey Day in USA (DJ Day is celebrated in remembrance of the death of Albert James Freed. Freed, also known as Moondog, was an influential disc jockey in the 1950s. He is credited with introducing the term “rock ‘n’ roll” to the world)

February 2023

Friday 3 February - National Women Physicians Day in US (is celebrated annually on the birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female clinician in the United States)
Wednesday 8 February - Penitentiary Service Day in Poland (Prison service was established in 1919 and a Polish prison designated on February 8 (from 2011) pursuant to the Act on the Prison Service of April 9, 2010); Engineer's Day in Luxembourg; Boy Scout Day (Ohio Boy Scout Week)
Tuesday 21 February - Day of Medical Assistant in Russia; International Tourist Guide Day (initiative by World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations - WFTGA)
Wednesday 22 February - Be Humble Day; School Bus Driver Appreciation Day in USA (the 4th Wednesday in February); Engineer's Day in United States of America (Week of February 22 - always the week in February that encompasses George Washington's birthday); Agricultural Engineer Day in Mexico (Día del Ingeniero Agrónomo)
Tuesday 28 February - World Tailors Day (international); Floral Design Day (Massachusetts Governonr William F. Weld proclaimed this day in 1995)

March 2023

Thursday 2 March - Engineer's Day in Croatia (is celebrated on 2 March as a tribute to the date in 1878 on which first associatian of engineers was established in Croatia)
Friday 10 March - Engineer's Day in Greece (Known across the engineering student community as "Hemera Mihanikou")
Saturday 11 March - World Plumber’s Day (initiated by the World Plumbing Council)
Wednesday 15 March - Engineer's Day in Netherlands (Third Wednesday of March); Engineer's Day in Belgium (every third Wednesday in March); Dietitians Day in Canada (Celebrated on the third Wednesday of March)
Wednesday 22 March - International Taxi Driver Day (it was on this day in 1907 that the first taxis appeared on the streets of London)
Tuesday 28 March - Day of formation of the duty units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

April 2023

Tuesday 4 April - School Librarian Day in US (National Librarian Appreciation Day)
Friday 7 April - Engineer's Day in Jordan (7-8 April in 2017. Jordan Engineers Association [JEA] was established in 1953 as “engineers' society” to organize the services of few hundreds of engineers); World Health Day
Thursday 13 April - International Recruiters Day (is held every year on the 2nd Thursday of April)
Saturday 15 April - Auctioneers Day (is one of the world’s most ancient professions, having begun more than 2,000 years ago. Third Saturday of April); Stoker's Day (is celebrated in spring, at the end of the heating season. All shifts workers gether in the boiler room to extinguish the boilers and begin to celebrate. The date of this celebration is not fixed. The local authorities decide when to start and when to finish the heating season but usually it hapends not later than April 30 if the average air temperature is above +8 for 3 days in a raw)
Tuesday 18 April - World Amateur Radio Day (Every April 18, radio amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. It was on that day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris); Newspaper Columnist Day; High Five Day; National Lineman Appreciation Day
Friday 28 April - Lawyers' Day (Odisha, India)

May 2023

Monday 1 May - School Principals' Day (if you don’t have a good principal, you won’t have a good school); Executive Coaching Day; National Meeting Planners Day in US (Happens yearly on Monday of the 1st full week of May); Teacher Appreciation Week in USA (Begins on the first Monday of May); International Workers’ Day (May Day); School Bus Drivers Appreciation Day in Ohio
Friday 5 May - National Secretary's Day in Australia (Celebrated on the first Friday of May); Cartoonists Day (They were the favorite part of the morning paper for many of us growing up); School Lunch Hero Day in USA (Between preparing healthy meals for America’s students, adhering to strict nutrition standards, navigating student food allergies, and offering service with a smile, school nutrition professionals are true heroes); International Day of the Midwife (International Midwives Day)
Monday 8 May - National Nursing Week in Canada (Held from Monday to Sunday of the same week in which the date May 12 is located); National Student Nurses Day; World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day
Wednesday 10 May - National School Nurse Day in US (is always the Wednesday of National Nurses Week); Receptionists Day in US (the second Wednesday in May); Day of the Teacher in California
Tuesday 16 May - Biographers Day; National Educational Bosses Week in USA (Starts on Monday of the third full week of May. Administrative Staff); Polish Border Guard Day

How to celebrate Career Holidays?

Keep track of recognition holidays to be able to make someone’s day by letting them know you’ve noticed their hard work. Don’t forget to express your appreciation for the ones who work the hardest – nurses, receptionists, military spouses and others whose efforts are often performed behind the scenes.
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