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Secretary's Day in South Africa

Secretary's Day in South Africa is held on September 6. Celebrated on the first Wednesday of September. This event in the first decade of the month September is annual. Help us Help us 
6 September - Secretary's Day in South Africa
Truth is, your secretary is always the one who knows whatís going on and you simply cannot find time in your schedule to just say thank you for all of their hard work! Well, did you know that there is a day set out to do exactly this? A secretaryís day, if you will. On the first Wednesday of September, we celebrate Secretaryís Day in South Africa.
So bosses all around the world, take note and a minute to reflect on the value of your office assistants and what they actually do for you and your business. Letís face it; many secretaries are actually their bossís boss. While most bosses donít like to admit it, their secretary or PA is usually the one person in the office he canít live without.

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