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Typographer's Day in Guatemala

Typographer's Day in Guatemala is held on May 13. This event in the second decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
13 May - Typographer's Day in Guatemala
The date seeks to pay tribute to all workers in the printing industry in the country.
The history of Typographer's Day in Guatemala begins in 1948 with the opening of the first typographies, where those in charge of printing, ordering, cutting, folding and collating sheets of paper, thus contributing to the dissemination of education in all corners of the country.
However, Typographer's Day was formally established on May 13, 1959 throughout the country, although there were already organizations that had been celebrating this date since previous years, such as Prensa Libre, which since 1952 formed a committee to organize and celebrate typographers on this date.
Cultural events, excursions and fellowship with other companies were organized for this celebration. The magnitude and importance of this day was such that the newspaper did not circulate on May 13.
With the passing of time the practice of this profession has been decreasing due, among other things, to the growing era of printing technology, however, there are still those who keep this tradition alive, teaching children how the great machines worked in museum spaces.

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