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Chemical Engineering Day in Brazil

Chemical Engineering Day in Brazil is held on September 20. This event in the second decade of the month September is annual. Help us Help us 
20 September - Chemical Engineering Day in Brazil
Chemical engineers are the professionals in this area, responsible for product development as well as the supervision and design of parts. September 20th is celebrated as Chemical Engineer's Day (Dia do Engenheiro Químico). The date serves as a milestone to celebrate and promote the empowerment of better conditions for the profession. Chemical Engineering professionals also work directly with artifacts and materials that are made from substances extracted from derivatives, such as petroleum, ores, metals, synthetics, and food products.
On this date, institutions all over the country also take the opportunity to promote congresses and lectures with the same objective of updating the professional.
Chemical Engineering is an undergraduate degree lasting five years. The chemical engineer applies laboratory knowledge on a macro scale, that is, in industry. The education in this area guarantees the professional a broad knowledge in several areas: chemistry, physics, computing, and mathematics.

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