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Truckers' Day in Argentina

Truckers' Day in Argentina is held on December 15. This event in the second decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
15 December - Truckers' Day in Argentina
The date of Truck Driver's Day has its origin in 1967. On December 15 of that year, the First Collective Labor Agreement was signed, which included the union that gathered truck drivers in Argentina.
Since then, the date was established as a custom. However, reaching that moment was not easy. The Truck Drivers' Union had already been created on March 16, 1943, and from that date on, a constant work in the defense of labor conditions and in the vindication of truck workers' wages was carried out, and in 1955 it obtained its trade union status.
Then, in 1965 the Federación Nacional de Trabajadores Camioneros y Obreros del Transporte Automotor de Cargas was created, which groups all the unions of the country and only two years later the labor conditions of all the workers of the country were unified with the celebration of the Convenio Colectivo de Trabajo (Collective Labor Agreement).

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