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Inspire Your Employees to Excellence Day

Inspire Your Employees to Excellence Day is held on February 1. This event in the first decade of the month February is annual. Help us Help us 
1 February - Inspire Your Employees to Excellence Day
Employee motivation is key to an organisation's success. It's the level of commitment, drive and energy that a company's workers bring to the role everyday. Without it, companies experience reduced productivity, lower levels of output and it's likely that the company will fall short of reaching important goals too.
A manager or leader must how to inspire employees to meet their goals. Find out what motivates them. Provide the resources they need to do their work exceptionally well. Praise and compliment them often. Help co-create purposeful work.
Employees with an above-average attitude toward their work will generate higher customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and higher profits for their organizations. Companies with higher morale (more than 70%) outperformed those in the same industries by 11.3%.

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