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Psychologist's Day in El Salvador

Psychologist's Day in El Salvador is held on October 10. Día del psicólogo. This event in the first decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
10 October - Psychologist's Day in El Salvador
The date was sanctioned on January 25, 2007 by Decree 199 of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic and commemorates the creation, in 1964, of the Salvadoran Society of Psychology, the first association of the discipline in the country.
In these times of moral crisis in which we live, the assistance of Psychology professionals is urgent, mainly for those individuals who suffer from severe personality disorders.
The “Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Psyche, by the psychiatrist Dr. L. c. Béla Sékely, Editorial Claridad, S. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fourth edition, July 1966, says that Psychology, a word derived from 'Psyche,' “a Greek mythological figure, and at the same time, spirit. According to Plato, the psyche is the internal, mental life of the human being. The term 'psychology' was first used by Melanchthon in 1550, and it first appears as a book title in Gloeckel's 1590 work.

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