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Graphic Workers' Day in Venezuela

Graphic Workers' Day in Venezuela is held on October 24. This event in the third decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
24 October - Graphic Workers' Day in Venezuela
The origin of this celebration can be traced back to the commemoration of the first newspaper that was printed in Venezuela called: "La Gazeta de Caracas". Since then, this day was chosen by the Venezuelan Association of Journalists (AVP) to celebrate the day as the Journalist's Day. Subsequently, it was considered that the first original newspaper of a Venezuelan nature was the Correo del Orinoco, in that sense, in 1965 the Journalist's Day was changed to June 27, date on which the first printing of this newspaper is celebrated. On the other hand, the celebration of the Graphic Worker's Day was decreed in 1956 on October 24 by initiative of the Federation of Graphic Industry Workers of the country.
The Graphic Worker is a professional whose work consists of communicating specific messages visually through multiple resources. This work includes different areas from printing, serigraphy, to digital design. All of them with a historical evolution spread through technology and information media. Nowadays, this work is one of the most demanded since it covers a great number of sectors such as advertising, media, printing, web design, etc. In a context where the need for images with artistic quality prevails, the work of the graphic worker is very important, being a vital ally when it comes to expressing an idea in the best possible way.
This day is an opportunity to remember the contribution of these workers in the communicational and informative work of the country.

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