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Polish Post Day or Postman's Day

Polish Post Day or Postman's Day is held on October 18. This event in the second decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
18 October - Polish Post Day or Postman's Day
Hated by dogs, loved by pensioners. Letter carriers on their holiday, unfortunately, do not have time off, for they are still indispensable. Despite the fact that in the age of digitization, letter social correspondence has practically died, after all, someone has to deliver letters from offices and institutions, packages, parcels and postal orders. Letter carrier's Day is intended to honor the not-so-easy work of brave delivery men and women, who regularly have to contend not only with the vagaries of the weather, but also with customers.
On October 18, 1558, King Sigismund II Augustus established the Royal Post Office. Its task was to transmit messages between Krakow-Vienna and Venice. The occasion is Polish Post Day, often called Postman's Day, a holiday that, among other things, is a good opportunity to reward the best post offices and letter carriers.

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