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Environmental Engineer Day in Brazil

Environmental Engineer Day in Brazil is held on January 31. Dia do Engenheiro Ambiental. This event in the third decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
31 January - Environmental Engineer Day in Brazil
Professional is classified as multidisciplinary, acting to maintain the balance between the environment with the economic and social areas
In a country where the preserved native vegetation occupies 61% of its territory, according to data from Embrapa, environmental engineering is a profession that has a prominent role. This January 31st the Environmental Engineer Day is celebrated, in honor of the formation of the first class of this qualification in Brazil at the Federal University of Tocantins, in 1997.
An environmental engineer is a multidisciplinary professional who works with environmental, economic, and social aspects. His activities aim to promote sustainable development, using constitutional principles, such as the preservation of natural resources and the precaution of human health through the use of technologies.

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