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Kindergarten Educator's Day in Chile

Kindergarten Educator's Day in Chile is held on November 22. This event in the third decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
22 November - Kindergarten Educator's Day in Chile
Since 1991, every November 22nd in Chile, the Day of the Kindergarten Educator is celebrated to highlight her beautiful and important work in the education and formation of children.
This date was chosen, given that in 1944 the first school of Kindergarten Education of the University of Chile was inaugurated, a historical action inspired by Matilde Huici, professor, lawyer, pedagogue and co-founder of the Spanish Association of University Women, who arrived in Chile exiled from Spain; and supported by Amanda Labarca, an outstanding Chilean professor, writer, feminist, ambassador and politician.
Such an event sought to train professionals who could support preschools with pedagogical, psychological and philosophical foundations. Educational practices that also sought to reach the country's working class.
Remarkably, these two women marked the beginning of kindergarten education in Chile, and thanks to them, today we have the love and vocation they carry out every day, in their challenge to educate children. Happy Kindergarten Educator's Day!

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