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Optometrist Day in Venezuela

Optometrist Day in Venezuela is held on May 21. This event in the third decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
21 May - Optometrist Day in Venezuela
On this day it is appropriate to give a warm greeting to all the optometrists of the country and the Venezuelan people, for whom this noble profession is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of vision through various methods, techniques and procedures.
May 21st is the anniversary of the founding of the College of Optometrists of Venezuela and the study of optometry that took place on May 21, 1949 and the creation of the first university education of optometry in the country, when in 1972 the Higher School of Optometry was established, later transformed into the University College and then into the University Institute of Optometry of Caracas.
Optometry, as a medical profession concerned with the identification and correction of visual defects through glasses, contact lenses and visual exercises, has contributed to improving the quality of vision of Venezuelans throughout the 20th century, and in the current 21st century it faces great challenges.

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