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International Marketing Day

International Marketing Day is held on November 4. This event in the first decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
4 November - International Marketing Day
International Marketing Day will be celebrated on November 4 to popularize and promote the international recognition of marketing as a field of knowledge, work, research and innovation that exists in institutions and companies around the world, contributing to all this, the cultural and economic development of the people.
In management and business, marketing is a methodology that encompasses the process of exploring, creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market in terms of goods and services. It is one of the main components of business management and commerce, including primarily the identification of the needs, tastes, and preferences of one or more consumer segments in order to position a value offering in a differentiated manner with the competition.
This approach, known as market targeting, means that marketers use the voice of the consumer to generate brand strategies. In practice, marketing functions in companies may include brand management, pricing, operating advertising campaigns, generating business intelligence through market research, managing relationships with business partners, and communicating on social media. Marketing can be directed to other businesses (B2B for Business-to-Business) or to consumers (B2C for Business-to-Consumers).
International Marketing Day is an international day celebrated on November 4 that seeks to highlight the value of MARKETING and give it the importance it deserves.

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