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Music and Chilean Musicians' Day

Music and Chilean Musicians' Day is held on October 4. This event in the first decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
4 October - Music and Chilean Musicians' Day
Every October 4, the National Day of Chilean Music and Musicians is commemorated, an event that aims to recognize the work of artists and creators who develop their art as a way of life and contribute to the cultural identity of the country.
October 4 is the birthday of Violeta Parra, our most iconic Chilean artist and creator, and it is the date chosen to commemorate and highlight the musical work in country, both in its history and in the latest and most current compositional works.
Violeta Parra's legacy not only encompasses musical creation; much of her work was developed in the rescue and collection of musical, literary and folkloric manifestations in the most rural sectors of territory. A pioneering work that allowed the discovery and preservation of songs of the human and the divine, popular rural poetry, the elaboration of some typically Chilean musical instruments, and literary forms that perhaps would have disappeared if it were not for Violeta's work in her role as compiler.

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