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National Speaker's Day in Guatemala

National Speaker's Day in Guatemala is held on December 7. Día Nacional del Locutor has been celebrated since 1978. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
7 December - National Speaker's Day in Guatemala
Since 1978, President Fernando Romeo Lucas García issued a communiqué in the official gazette. In it, decree 80-78 was established, a document that established December 7 as the National Announcer's Day, a profession that has been fundamental for the country.
The work of broadcasters in Guatemala has transcended from generation to generation as a job beyond entertainment. In addition to creating spaces to interact with the audience, in the national territory radio continues to be the largest means of dissemination of culture and education in the country.
Those in charge of this action are the men and women inside the booths who prepare the programming through creativity and the power of the voice. The work of the announcer is loaded with journalistic follow-ups, sporting events, commercials, documentaries and other audiovisual projects.

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