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Respiratory Therapists Week in Canada

Respiratory Therapists Week in Canada is held on October 22. Held in the last week of October. This event in the third decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
22 October - Respiratory Therapists Week in Canada
The Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists proclaims the last week in October as Respiratory Therapy Week in Canada, to celebrate the respiratory therapy profession and the outstanding dedication and passion of RTs. This includes all areas of respiratory therapy practice, including anesthesia assistance.
Respiratory therapists (RTs) are highly skilled health care professionals. They care for patients by evaluating, treating, and maintaining cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) function. Respiratory therapists have specialized medical expertise and use advanced medical technology. They are educated to treat all age groups, from newborns to the elderly.
Most respiratory therapists work in hospital settings, particularly high-risk areas.

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