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Cook's Day in El Salvador

Cook's Day in El Salvador is held on October 20. Día del cocinero. This event in the second decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
20 October - Cook's Day in El Salvador
It was declared by the Legislative Assembly in 2015. And it was like this that in the plenary session of August 20, 2015, it was achieved by legislative decree that every August 10 the day of the Salvadoran chef be celebrated and on October 13 the day of Salvadoran gastronomy unanimously in the legislative assembly. The enthusiastic chefs are focused on forming an organization to raise the professional level of the guild in the country, in addition to further developing the national gastronomy, according to Francisco Arévalo, renowned Salvadoran chef.
The International Chef's Day has been celebrated since 2004. The chosen date of "October 20" was proposed by the World Culinary Association (WACS) with the aim of creating awareness and inclusion of this profession in society.

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