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Zero Tasking Day

Zero Tasking Day is held on November 5. First Sunday of November. This event in the first decade of the month November is annual. Help us Help us 
5 November - Zero Tasking Day
All of us know when to recharge the phone battery, but no one cares about recharging oneself. Every year, the first Sunday of November month is granted and celebrated as the Zero Tasking Day. This day is marked because of the significant end of the Daylight Saving period. The day and the period are mainly observed in the Boundaries of the United States. The end period is termed as the Zero Tasking Day.
We are obsessed with our packed schedule, and all the writing on our calendar that continually reminds us of our daily tasks and white space on a calendar often makes us uneasy.
The Zero Tasking Day is still an unofficial, marked holiday. People encourage this day because they get a rest day from their daily stressful lifestyle. They all together spent a well relaxing day.

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