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International Day Against Sexual Exploitation

International Day Against Sexual Exploitation is held on March 4. This event in the first decade of the month March is annual. Help us Help us 
4 March - International Day Against Sexual Exploitation
World Day against Sexual Exploitation has been celebrated since 2009. Created at the initiative of the non-governmental organization l'ONG GIPF - Groupe International de Paroles de Femmes.
Sexual exploitation involves a person profiting from the use of another person's body in a sexual manner in order to benefit (financially or otherwise). In general, the perpetrator of sexual exploitation takes advantage of their victim's vulnerable or dependent state, including addictions to drugs or alcohol.
For example exploited young people are at increased risk of rape, sexual assault, physical violence, sexually transmitted infections, trafficking and pressure to use drugs and alcohol. Exploitation can impact on every aspect of a child/young person's life, such as: Physical and mental health. Education and training.
As part of PRSEAH’s work, a new WHO policy on protection against sexual exploitation and abuse is being developed, as well as guidance for the public on how to report as well as guidance for persons affected. This will be issued in due course.

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