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European Surveying and Geoinformation Day

European Surveying and Geoinformation Day is held on March 5. And European Expert Geometer Day. This event in the first decade of the month March is annual. Help us Help us 
5 March - European Surveying and Geoinformation Day
In 2012 The European Council of Geodetic Engineers (CLGE) announced the First Day of European Surveyor and GeoInformation (Mercator's Day) to commemorate this illustrious personality. Special events are organized by this occasion. Solemn celebration will take place at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels. EuroGeographics President Mrs. Ingrid Vanden Berghe and the Executive Director Mr. Dave Lovell, OBE will take part on behalf of our Association.
On the occasion of the Geoinformation Day 2022, Sec. Gen. Léa Bodossian presented the #OpenMapsForEurope projects and illustrated the power of open geo data. Interesting questions from the audience on how to overcome cadastral representation, on licensing, and on the production process, allowed us to delve deeper and deeper into this important topic.

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