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Ecuadorian Pasillo Day

Ecuadorian Pasillo Day is held on October 1. This event in the first decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
1 October - Ecuadorian Pasillo Day
It is not possible to talk about the Ecuadorian Pasillo without recognizing the national and international projection that it had at the hands of its great figures in the last century, especially highlighting Julio Jaramillo Laurido, whose birthday is celebrated every October 1st as the National Day of the Ecuadorian Pasillo, for being considered the greatest exponent of this musical genre.
Pasillo is the Ecuadorian musical genre par excellence. It is sung in all regions and social strata, and is part of the heritage of national identity. It is the seed that gives rise to the sentimental manifestations of the costeño, the montuvio and the citadino throughout the country. It is a tool with which the general feeling of the human being, his love, his pain and his melancholy is manifested, which is one of the reasons why the National Institute of Cultural Heritage is currently promoting its inclusion in the Representative List of Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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