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Shouting at the Immaculate Conception of Mary

Shouting at the Immaculate Conception of Mary is held on December 7. Gritería a la Inmaculada Concepción de María. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
7 December - Shouting at the Immaculate Conception of Mary
La gritería or Shouting at the Immaculate Conception of Mary is a Nicaraguan festivity in honor of the Immaculate and Immaculate Conception of Mary that emerged in the early eighteenth century. This national religious holiday is celebrated in all the towns and cities of Nicaragua (and in places where the Nicaraguan colony is important, such as the United States and Costa Rica), having special relevance in the city of León, where it originated.
It is celebrated on the night of December 7, the eve of the Catholic feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, devotees walk the streets and visit different altars erected in honor of the Virgin Mary, in temples and private homes, praying, chanting and burning gunpowder. (rockets and fireworks) while shouting "What causes so much joy?" and is answered "The Conception of Mary!". The inhabitants of the houses receive the devotees with a "toast", popularly called "the cap".

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