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World Carrot Day

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There are a lot of food holidays and, letís be honest, celebrating some of them is not particularly good for your health. But not the World Carrot Day! Eating this joyfully bright orange vegetable will do you no end of good. It is amazing for your eyesight, your skin, your hair, your mood, your everything. Ask any rabbit!
By the way, did you know that orange is just one of the colors that carrots come in? First cultivated in the 7th century, for 1000 years they came in a wide range of colors - red, white, black and yellow as well as purple. Actually some of the first orange carrots were grown in 16th century Holland.
Celebrated annually on April 4 since 2003 World Carrot Day is not only an opportunity to learn more about this incredibly popular root. The best way to celebrate the holiday is to consider adding more carrots to your diet. The benefits are many, and there are a lot of delicious carrot recipes for cakes, bakes, soups and more.
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