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World Climate Day

World Climate Day is held on December 8. Initiated by several environmental associations of France and Belgium. This event in the first decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
8 December - World Climate Day
World Environment Day has its very own anthem. The first World Environment Day was celebrated on the 5th of June, 1973. The UN General Assembly in 1972 established World Environment Day.
“We have to make 2020 to 2030 a critical decade of real decisions and real actions… The urgency of what we need to do cannot be overstated,” said John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, this past Earth Day.
There are no more seasons my good lady... on the initiative of several ecological associations in France and Belgium, we are celebrating, on December 8, World Climate Day (or World Day Against Climate Change).
Not a week goes by that we don't hear about global warming and the consequences it has on the future of the planet. It is true that the situation we are currently experiencing is serious and that the few steps taken here and there are not there to stem the phenomenon.
That said, in climatology as elsewhere, oversimplification does not really help reflection and a study of the planet over a very long period reveals an alternation of hot and glacial periods, all of which had very significant consequences on the survival of many animal species...
What changes today is that the power of action of man has increased considerably throughout the last century, if only by the increase in population (we have gone from 1 billion people on earth in 1900 to more than 7 billion today). At the rate at which we exploit the riches of our land, we would need at least 3 of them to hope to survive for a long time...
It is urgent to realize that the earth does not belong to us and that we are accountable to the generations that will follow us!

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