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September 19 Events

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Miners Day in Frederick, CO

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Miners Day is one of Frederickís premier annual community events drawing thousands of people to Downtown Frederick for family-oriented fun and entertainment throughout the day. While the event has grown in increasing popularity since its inception in 2003, it continues to offer a small-town feel in celebration of our communityís mining heritage and provides a rich and lively environment for residents, businesses, schools, and community groups from throughout the region to come together for a day of fun. The event includes a dynamic parade, exhibitor booths, food/refreshment vendors, activities, contests, and live entertainment throughout the day. Per tradition, Miners Day concludes with a spectacular evening concert and fireworks display!
Miners Day in Frederick, Colorado takes place on the third Saturday in September.
In 2020 Miners Day in Frederick, CO in USA falls on September 19.
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