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Free Comic Book Day

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1933 - First comic book is released. Comic books are a big business. Free Comic Book Day is the best day of the year, where comics from publishers like DC and Marvel Comics are given away absolutely free! Free Comic Book Day, taking place on the first Saturday of May, is an annual promotional effort by the North American comic book industry to help bring new readers into independent comic book stores. Retailer Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics in Concord, California brainstormed the event in his "Big Picture" column in the August 2001 issue of Comics & Games Retailer magazine. Free Comic Book Day started in 2002 and is coordinated by the industry’s single large distributor, Diamond Comic Distributors.
In 2001, retailer Joe Field was writing columns for an industry magazine, and saw how successful feature films based on comic book franchises were providing the comic book industry with a positive cultural and financial turnaround from the speculator bust of the late 1990s, Field proposed Free Comic Book Day in one of his columns, and received positive reaction to it. Then-Image Comics publisher Jim Valentino suggested having the first Free Comic Book Day on the same weekend as the opening of the 2002 Spider-Man feature film, in order to take advantage of the film’s heavy promotion and related press about the comic book medium, and thus the first event was held May 4, 2002, one day after the film’s opening. However, not all events have corresponded with the release of a film based on a comic book.
Let’s look at some comic book sales statistics and reveal many answers to your queries. Interesting Comic Book Sales Stats. Comic book sales statistics reflect a global market value of 7.14 billion dollars. The age group that buys most comic books is 13-29 year olds. Over 90% of all US comic sales belong to Comichron and Diamond Comics. One of the most iconic DC comic book characters, Batman has sold 474 million issues so far.
In 2004 it was held in July, but it was moved back to the first Saturday in May the following year and has been held on that day ever since. On Free Comic Book Day, participating comic book store retailers give away specially printed copies of free comic books, and some offer specials and creator signings to those visiting their establishments. However, retailers do not receive the issues for free; they pay 12–50 cents per copy for the comics they give away during the event. As the name suggests, free comics are involved. All you need to do is show up at a participating comic book store or location on the day and collect special Free Comic Book Day releases. In addition to comic books, some stores also give away other merchandise, such as mini posters and other movie tie-in memorabilia.
In 2016 Free Comic Book Day in USA falls on May 7.
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Quotes and wishes: «Free Comic Book Day»

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Comics are a gateway drug to literacy.
Art Spiegelman
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Quotes and wishes: «Free Comic Book Day»

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A comic book in mint condition is an offense against the multiverse. I only collect damaged comics with torn covers and missing pages.
Stephen Evans
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Quotes and wishes: «Free Comic Book Day»

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Quotes and wishes: «Free Comic Book Day»

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Robert C. Harvey
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Quotes and wishes: «Free Comic Book Day»

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As every schoolboy knows, comics do not stand alone at microphones in the dark. Indeed, we cannot even read them in the dark. We need light, the more, the better. And we enjoy comics best in solitary, by ourselves, not in crowds; although large numbers of people read comics, they generally do it by themselves, in silence.
Robert C. Harvey
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