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World Malaria Day

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World Malaria Day (WMD) is an international observance commemorated every year on 25 April and recognizes global efforts to control malaria. Globally, 3.3 billion people in 106 countries are at risk of malaria. In 2012, malaria caused an estimated 627,000 deaths, mostly among African children. Asia, Latin America, and to a lesser extent the Middle East and parts of Europe are also affected.
The theme for 2016: “End Malaria For Good”. Following the great progress made under the Millennium Development Goals, it is important to build on this success and ‘end malaria for good’ under the Sustainable Development Goals.
World Malaria Day sprung out of the efforts taking place across the African continent to commemorate Africa Malaria Day. WMD is one of eight official global public health campaigns currently marked by the World Health Organization (WHO), along with World Health Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Immunization Week, World Tuberculosis Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Hepatitis Day and World AIDS Day.
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Current World Malaria Day in 2024, World Malaria Day in 2025 see also: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 calendar
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Quotes and wishes
Quotes and wishes: «Malaria»

Quotes & Wishes - A central player A central player

The Global Fund is a central player in the progress being achieved on HIV, TB and malaria. It channels resources to help countries fight these diseases. I believe in its impact because I have seen it firsthand.
Bill Gates
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Quotes and wishes: «Malaria»

Quotes & Wishes - A huge uphill battle A huge uphill battle

Tackling malaria in a country like the Central African Republic is a huge uphill battle, and my experiences there have been a healthy dose of reality, fueling my own sense of urgency to do my part in reducing the preventable suffering of the incredible women I met.
Mandy Moore
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Quotes and wishes: «Malaria»

Quotes & Wishes - A very important milestone A very important milestone

For the first time, we have the genetic sequences of all three of the players in the global malaria debacle: the parasite, the anopheles mosquito and the human. It’s a very important milestone.
Anthony Fauci
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Quotes and wishes: «Malaria»

Quotes & Wishes - Because of his money Because of his money

There will be statues of Bill Gates across the Third World. There’s a reasonable shot that - because of his money - we will cure malaria.
Malcolm Gladwell
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Quotes and wishes: «Malaria»

Quotes & Wishes - Dying of malaria Dying of malaria

There are more people dying of malaria than any specific cancer.
Bill Gates
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