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Steve Jewett National CleanUp Day

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William James said’ Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.’ Steve Jewett and his friends have followed the advice and encourage all of us to do it. Do something to clean up the world on this day, let it be just one piece of litter picked up or at least not thrown away.
NATIONAL CLEANUP DAY On the third Saturday in September, National CleanUp Day encourages all of us to take action to make the entire country a better place to live. Just think, what if everyone just picked up one piece of litter? From coast to coast, organizations and individuals alike join forces to clean up parks, trails, beaches, mountains, and open spaces. Outdoor spaces that are free of trash and litter are a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Preservation of our forefathers’ legacy is up to all of us. Litter, debris, and trash mar the beauty of our natural landscapes. National CleanUp Day puts litter in its place – in trash and recycle bins. National CleanUp Day provides an opportunity to make those messes right and give the landscape a fresh, clean sweep! Communities, corporations, civic organizations, parks and recreation departments and private citizens will all be uniting together to make National CleanUp Day a success. By participating on this special day, you will be helping to send a message to your communities that you care about keeping our natural surrounding clean throughout the year. Won’t you join us to make your community beautiful? HOW TO OBSERVE Create a team or just bring a friend to remove litter from your favorite outdoor spaces. Spread the word! Join in and be part of the solution. Use #NationalCleanUpDay or #SeaToShiningSea to share on social media. HISTORY National CleanUp Day was founded to celebrate the importance of uniting to care for our outdoor spaces and remove litter so our trails, parks, and community spaces remain pleasant and unmarred by waste.
In 2022 Steve Jewett National CleanUp Day in USA falls on September 17.
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