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Vietnam Veterans’ Day in Ohio

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Hundreds of thousands of Ohio citizens answered the call to serve our nation during the Vietnam War. Of those Ohioans who served in Vietnam, approximately 3,000 lost their lives and 20,000 were wounded. Their service resulted in sacrificing years away from their families, facing the difficulties of military service, and braving the mortal dangers of battle.
Upon the conclusion of their service, Vietnam veterans returned home to a country deeply divided over the war. Their service was not met with gratitude and pride, but with protests and disrespect. It is our duty to honor the men and women who served in Vietnam who risked their lives, not out of self-interest, but because that’s what they were asked to do.
We must also remember and pay tribute to the approximately 58,000 Americans who lost their lives in service to our nation, and pay tribute to their families who endured sacrifice, separation, and anguish.
John R. Kasich and Mary Taylor, Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the State of Ohio issued a resolution recognizing March 30, 2016 as Vietnam Veterans’ Day and encouraged Ohioans to join in thanking all Vietnam veterans for the service they so selflessly gave.
“Nothing that we say or do can repay our Vietnam veterans for the wounds they endured, or the pain and sacrifice they continue to live with today because of their service,” Kasich and Taylor said. “We owe each of these men and women a debt of gratitude which can never be fully repaid.”
The thirtieth day of March is designated as "Vietnam Veterans’ Day" in honor of those who fought, died, or are still unaccounted for in the Vietnam war. (ORC: 5.2278 Vietnam Veterans’ Day. Added by 129th General AssemblyFile No.92, SB 134, §1, eff. 3/30/2012.)
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