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Adoption day in Ohio

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The Saturday immediately preceding Thanksgiving day is designated as "Adoption Day."
(ORC 5.2259 Adoption day. Effective Date: 2008 SB243 04-07-2009)
To raise public awareness of the "importance of placing Children in permanent, loving homes," "Adoption Day in Ohio" has been proclaimed by Gov. James A. Rhodes. Coinciding with National Family Week, the proclamation notes that at least 110,000 children in America are growing up in various kinds of temporary care, waiting for permanent homes. In Ohio, there are approximately 24,000 children in the custody of public and private agencies. Adoption Day focuses attention on the growing number of persons who are building families through adoption and that every child has a right to the benefits resulting from a secure famiiy unit.
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In 2021 Adoption day in Ohio in USA falls on November 20.
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