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Barack Obama Day in Perry County, Alabama

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In central Alabamaís Perry County, government workers already get a day off for Presidentís Day, Martin Luther King Day, and Veterans Day. In 2009, they got one more: "Barack Obama Day."
The rural county, which overwhelmingly supported Obama presidential election, has approved the second Monday in November as "The Barack Obama Day." Commissioners passed a measure that would close county offices for the new annual holiday and its roughly 40 workers will get a paid day off.
Sponsoring commissioner Albert Turner Jr. said the holiday is meant to highlight the Democratic president-electís victory as a way to give people faith that difficult goals can be achieved.
Perry County has 12,000 residents, most of them black. Voters there backed Obama by over 70 percent in a state that gave 60 percent of the overall vote to Republican John McCain based largely on strong support from white voters.
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In 2018 Barack Obama Day in Perry County, Alabama in USA falls on November 12.
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