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Grandfather's Day in Poland

Grandfather's Day in Poland is held on January 22. This event in the third decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
22 January - Grandfather's Day in Poland
Grandmothers' Day is traditionally celebrated on January 21, and Grandparents' Day on January 22. Grandparents' Day - a family, secular holiday, celebrated in Poland on January 22 to honor grandparents. It is customary for grandchildren to wish their grandparents on this day, and in kindergartens, day care centers and other childcare institutions there are meetings, artistic demonstrations by children and refreshments. This is usually accompanied by the presentation of laurels.
The holiday was probably brought to Poland from America in the 1980s and gradually became more and more popular.
It is very important to show the child the importance of celebrating this holiday. The child should learn respect for the elderly. It is also worth showing the youngest how important tradition is in everyone's life. When it is Grandmother's and Grandfather's Day this learning becomes easier - we have an excuse to encourage the child to explore the past and his own identity together.

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