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Galla Bayramy in Turkmenistan

Galla Bayramy in Turkmenistan is held on July 21. Celebrated on the third Sunday of July. This event in the third decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
21 July - Galla Bayramy in Turkmenistan
The agricultural sector plays a significant role in the economic strategy of Turkmenistan. The state renders all kind of support to the sector, which is expressed in large investments directed to technical re-equipment and modernization of all production infrastructure of agro-industrial complex, development of chemical industry providing farmers with mineral fertilizers.
Traditionally, on the third Sunday of July, Turkmenistan celebrates Galla Bayramy, which is based on the ancient tradition of worshipping bread as a symbol of prosperity.
For the needs of the agro-industrial complex modern tractors, combines, seeders, sprayers, other machinery and equipment are systematically bought. Specific measures are taken in the field of improving water supply and melioration of agricultural land, increasing soil fertility, development of new virgin lands, introduction of advanced agricultural technologies, development of breeding, seed and pedigree cattle breeding.

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