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Iraq Republic Day

Iraq Republic Day is held on July 14. This event in the second decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
14 July - Iraq Republic Day
Iraq is home to the world's oldest civilisation. A superstition about black cats could have originated in Iraq. Republic Day is a public holiday in Iraq that is observed on 14 July. The holiday commemorates the overthrow of the Hashemite monarchy on 14 July 1958. Iraq is a Muslim nation with Arabic and Kurdish as its official languages. As such, Islamic holidays are celebrated.
In Arabic, the name Iraq means “deeply rooted, well watered; fertile.” The name has been in use since before the sixth century.
Masgouf is a fish dish eaten all around Iraq and often referred to as the national dish of the country. The fish used to prepare masgouf is usually freshwater carp, which is butterflied, marinated, set on skewers, then grilled next to an open fire.

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