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Kiribati Independence Day

Kiribati Independence Day is held on July 12. Celebrates the independence of Kiribati from the United Kingdom in 1979. This event in the second decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
12 July - Kiribati Independence Day
The only country in the world located in all 4 hemispheres. Abeautiful tuna-rich country with one of the most unique geographic locations! The name Kiribati was adopted in 1979 at independence.
Abemama's High Chief Tembinok' was the last of the dozens of expansionist Chiefs of Gilbert Islands of this period, despite Abemama historically conforming to the traditional Southern Island's governance of their respective "unimwaane". He was immortalised in Robert Louis Stevenson's book In the South Seas, which delved into the High Chief's character and method of rule during Stevenson's stay in Abemama. The 90th anniversary of his arrival in the Gilbert Islands was chosen to celebrate the independence of Kiribati on 12 July 1979.

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