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Navy Day in Israel

Navy Day in Israel is held on June 30. יום חיל הים. This event in the third decade of the month June is annual. Help us Help us 
30 June - Navy Day in Israel
Each year, since 1993, the Israeli Navy Force carries out the "Navy Day", a day dedicated to the naval force and its soldiers. On this day, all the soldiers in the force wear their white uniform "Madei alef" (for official ceremonies) and memorial ceremonies are held at the various corps bases in memory of the fallen soldiers. In addition, on this day there is a flotilla display demonstrating the maritime capabilities of the Israeli Navy Force as well as its technological innovation.
In Israel, Navy Day is celebrated on June 30. At this time in 1948 the Port of Haifa was captured by Israel during the 19471949 Palestine war. Traditionally, Navy Day is preceded by Memorial Evening.

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