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Teachers' Day in Thailand

Teachers' Day in Thailand is held on January 16. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
16 January - Teachers' Day in Thailand
Education in Thailand is largely a government responsibility provided through the ministry of education. Two to three years of kindergarten begins this process, followed by 6 years of primary school. The Thai school year is from may to march for primary and middle school, while secondary schools begin one month later.
The vast majority of teachers are women. They probably work more than you realize—and not only in the classroom. When they're not teaching, many teachers are taking classes of their own.
The wai khru ceremony is a Thai ritual in which students pay respects to teachers in order to express their gratitude and formalize the student–teacher relationship. It is regularly held near the beginning of the school year in most schools in Thailand.
Teachers are valued in every country around the world, but few nations show teachers their due respect like Thailand does. This is reflected in Thai Teachers’ Day, celebrated each year to encourage the humility of students before their teachers.
National Teachers’ Day is a Thai holiday celebrated each year on January 16. On this day, students go out of their way to show their teachers ความเคารพ (khwaam khao-róp), or “respect.”
It was General Phiboonsongkram who first suggested the creation of Teachers’ Day in Thailand. He spoke on the topic with teachers, the mass media got involved in promoting the holiday’s implementation, and the National Cabinet made it an official holiday in 1956. The first celebration took place the next year in 1957.

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