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National Religious Freedom Day

National Religious Freedom Day is held on January 16. United States. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
16 January - National Religious Freedom Day
Each year, by Presidential Proclamation, January 16th is declared Religious Freedom Day. Religious Freedom Day commemorates the Virginia General Assembly's adoption of Thomas Jefferson's landmark Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom on January 16, 1786.
Religious freedom protects people's right to live, speak, and act according to their beliefs peacefully and publicly. It protects their ability to be themselves at work, in class, and at social activities. Religious freedom is more than the “freedom to worship” at a synagogue, church, or mosque.
Written by Thomas Jefferson and passed by the Virginia General Assembly on January 16, 1786, it is the forerunner of the first amendment protections for religious freedom. Divided into three paragraphs, the statute is rooted in Jefferson's philosophy.

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