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Korean Children’s Union Foundation Day

Korean Children’s Union Foundation Day is held on June 6. North Korea. This event in the first decade of the month June is annual. Help us Help us 
6 June - Korean Children’s Union Foundation Day
The Korean Children's Union is the precursor to the Socialist Patriotic Youth League of North Korea contributing to North Korean youth movement and pioneer movement. It is for children aged six to fifteen and is a political organisation linked to the Workers' Party of Korea. Its uniformed branch is known as the Young Pioneer Corps (which also includes cadets from the Red Flag Mangyongdae Revolutionary School), which admits children and pre-teens ages nine to 15. The organization operates chapters in elementary and secondary schools nationwide. It teaches children about Juche, and other ideologies behind the North Korean system. Youth above the age of 15 may join the Socialist Patriotic Youth League. Let us sympathize with these children today.

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