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Mexico Students' Day

Mexico Students' Day is held on May 23. This event in the third decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
23 May - Mexico Students' Day
Date to commemorate the victims of the brutal beating of students at the National University of Mexico City [UNAM] by the police at a protest march in 1929.
Student's Day is an annual date that is commemorated in several countries; Although the exact anniversary in which it is observed differs in each country, this celebration is usually related to youth and spring. In Mexico it is celebrated every year on May 23.
The origin of this day occurs in 1929, when a group of students decided to protest in favor of University Autonomy, thanks to this impulse today there is the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
Despite the aggression suffered by the students at the hands of the police, within the perimeter of the Law School on May 23, for this reason the students decided to request that this day be remembered forever as Student's Day, they claimed In addition, the Plaza Santo Domingo in Mexico City is called Plaza 23 de Mayo or Plaza del Estudiante.

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