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Father's Day in Germany

Father's Day in Germany is held on May 9. Vatertag is always celebrated on Ascension Day. This event in the first decade of the month May is annual. Help us Help us 
9 May - Father's Day in Germany
Every year around Ascension Day, the official Father's Day in Germany, there's beer and handcarts.
Father's Day, also known as Lord's Day, has spilled over to us from America, similar to Mother's Day. In 1910, American Sonora Smart Dodd campaigned for a Father's Day. The decisive factor was her own father, who not only fought in the civil war but also raised six children on his own. She wanted to pay tribute to this achievement. The first Father's Day took place in America on June 19, 1910, although it is still not a public holiday there, but is considered a day of honour. In 1931, a German men's outfitter discovered Father's Day for himself: his advertising for a Father's Day gift proved to be so successful that he has shaped Father's Day to this day.

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