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Minna Canth's Birthday in Finland

Minna Canth's Birthday in Finland is held on March 19. Finnish writer, playwright, journalist, author of short stories, novels and plays, the first famous woman writer in Finland. Born March 19, 1844. Since 2007, Gender Equality Day has been celebrated in her honor. This event in the second decade of the month March is annual. Help us Help us 
19 March - Minna Canth's Birthday in Finland
Minna Canth (1844–97), who is widely acknowledged as Finland's first significant female writer, was born Ulrika Wilhelmina Johnsson in Tampere. Her versatile oeuvre includes short stories, novellas, plays and journalism. She is also one of the first authors writing in Finnish, while in the literature of Finland the language before her days was mainly Swedish. Minna Canth has received an established place among Nordic realists and in the Finnish literary history.

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