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World Singles Day

World Singles Day is held on February 13. This event in the second decade of the month February is annual. Help us Help us 
13 February - World Singles Day
Singles' Day is celebrated on the eve of and after February 14, Valentine's Day, since they do not have a partner and cannot celebrate that day. This day is intended to be the celebration of those single people who do not have a partner. It is like a counter celebration, just one day before Valentine's Day, the day dedicated to honor lovers. In some places it is also Lover's Day, as a counterpart of the following day.
This day was created spontaneously as a tribute to all the singles in the world (bachelors and bachelorettes, divorced, separated, widows and widowers) who do not celebrate Valentine's Day because they are without a partner.
Although World Singles' Day is not as popular as Valentine's Day, it is mostly celebrated on social networks and many organizations and companies even launch packages or offers for it, be it trips, blind dates, shopping, parties.
In some countries such as the United States, England or Canada, Australia, New Zealand this date is celebrated as a real anti Valentine's Day, and the message is launched that the most important thing is to love yourself.
In China they celebrate Single's Day on November 11 (11 of 11) because the number 1 represents only one person. Singles' Day in Ireland and the United Kingdom, sometimes called ladies' privilege, is an Irish tradition in which women are allowed to propose to men on leap day, February 29.

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