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Plurinational State of Bolivia Day

Plurinational State of Bolivia Day is held on January 22. This event in the third decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
22 January - Plurinational State of Bolivia Day
The Day of the Plurinational State of Bolivia is celebrated on January 22 every year, this is a very important holiday for the whole country. It was established by then President Evo Morales in 2009, through Supreme Decree 405, after the referendum that approved the new Constitution. This date commemorates the fact that the country has ceased to be a republic to become a Plurinational State, thus including 36 indigenous peoples.
In the 1970s, the first indigenous organizations were formed, made up of members of various peoples such as Ayoreos and Chiquitanos, who were forced into slavery and, thanks to the debates they held among themselves about their situation, the so-called indigenous movement was born, which gave great impetus to the new model of State in Bolivia. The act of "re-founding" the country of Bolivia was a long awaited event by the indigenous peoples in order to stop suffering from imposed government structures.
Normally the commemoration of this day includes official ceremonies, cultural and religious activities that take place in several Bolivian cities, parties with musical groups and marches in favor of the proclamation of the Plurinational State. In other parts of the country there are also walks in which, at the end of the route, the anthems of Bolivia and the city where the activity takes place are sung.

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