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Anniversary Day of the Pica Commune in Chile

Anniversary Day of the Pica Commune in Chile is held on January 18. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
18 January - Anniversary Day of the Pica Commune in Chile
Pica is a town and commune belonging to the Province of Tamarugal, Tarapacá Region (Chile), in the Norte Grande of Chile.
It is a tourist place, with thermal spas (cochas) in the middle of the desert (the only oasis that Chile has and in Latin America there are only two). Nearby is the town of La Tirana, known for its festivities and the towns of La Huayca, Matilla and Lirima. In this commune, there are several oases in the middle of the Tamarugal pampas, where agricultural activity has flourished, especially the famous Pica lemons (of a different species than the lemons of the rest of the country) and mangoes.
On December 22, 1891 the municipality of Pica was created, which was suppressed by Law No. 1919 of January 26, 1907. Then Law No. 12419 of January 4, 1957 definitively created the municipality of Pica.

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