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Student's Day in Panama

Student's Day in Panama is held on October 27. This event in the third decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
27 October - Student's Day in Panama
Student's Day is celebrated every October 27th in Panama, as established by Law No. 1 of October 22nd, 1948.
In 1943, Professor Felipe Juan Escobar was dismissed by order of President Ricardo A. de la Guardia, because the distinguished professor did not salute him. This act provoked the first student strike that laid the foundations to organize between February and March 1944, the glorious Federation of Students of Panama (FEP).
In his eagerness to stop student organization, the Minister of Education Victor F. Goytía wanted to impose a "contract" by which those who aspired to enroll had to renounce the right to attend assemblies and join the Federation. This motivated, in September and October 1944, a second student strike that included both university and high school students. This struggle resulted in a total defeat of the repressive maneuver and the resignation of the Minister of Education on October 27, 1944.
Subsequently, the general secretary of the FEP, Moisés Pianeta, succeeded in making that date official as Student's Day.

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