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National Fruit and Vegetable Day in Chile

National Fruit and Vegetable Day in Chile is held on October 18. This event in the second decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
18 October - National Fruit and Vegetable Day in Chile
The celebration date was established by President Michelle Bachelet, in 2017, with the signing of a decree that was published in the Official Gazette (Presidential Decree No. 10). The document was also signed by the then Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Furche.
"The action of institutionalizing the National Day of Fruits and Vegetables aims, among others, to stimulate the national production of the same in sufficient quantity and quality to widely meet the needs of their local consumption, as well as their demand, both national and international, which is expected to go to the benefit of increasing the production of small and medium national producers, who are the ones that mostly provide such needs," the decree states.
"In view of the above reasons, it has been decided to institutionalize October 18 of each year as the National Day of Fruits and Vegetables," adds the legal document.
Currently, the National Fruit and Vegetable Day is becoming increasingly important due to the high rates of obesity and overweight in the country. The problem was accentuated after the months of quarantine and immobility of the population, as a result of the confinement measures in the control of the coronavirus pandemic.
The objective of the day of celebration also aims to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Chile. In addition that these habits are part of a healthy lifestyle, in pursuit of the welfare of the population of Chile.

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