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Peruvian Medicine Day

Peruvian Medicine Day is held on October 5. This event in the first decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
5 October - Peruvian Medicine Day
Every October 5, the Peruvian Medicine Day is celebrated in the country, commemorating the immolation of Daniel Alcides Carrión, who was infected with the Peruvian wart virus Bartonella bacilliformis in order to study in detail its development and evolution; he died on October 5, 1885, at the age of 28. In recognition of this apostolate, five decades after Carrión's sacrifice, on October 5, 1935, a Decree Law (No. 8124) was passed creating the Ministry of Public Health, Labor and Social Welfare.
The physical disappearance of the Martyr of Peruvian Medicine took place on October 5, 1885, after 40 days of having inoculated blood from a verrucous tumor of a patient hospitalized in the now emblematic Dos de Mayo National Hospital.
That action, which could be interpreted as a disproportionate and reckless act, meant and marked the real dimension of the spirit of abnegation, scientific curiosity and heroism that animated this young university student from San Marqués and that, without intending it, led him to occupy a preferential and referential place on what medicine means in Peru: dedication, devotion, search for knowledge, humanity and sacrifice.

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