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Bride and Groom Day in Argentina

Bride and Groom Day in Argentina is held on September 20. This event in the second decade of the month September is annual. Help us Help us 
20 September - Bride and Groom Day in Argentina
September 20 is celebrated in Argentina the Day of the Bride and Groom (Día de los Novios), which is related to the imminent onset of Spring, known as the "season of love". The argument is that "love blooms", but even science supports the argument, arguing that "the warm weather, flowers and perfumes that spring brings, incite" to that state of love.
Although Valentine's Day is the one most celebrated by couples in the world, and corresponds to "those in love", in Argentina this date is aimed at those who have formalized their relationship and are considered "sweethearts".
Precisely, according to what is reported, it was established on September 20 with the purpose of being a "preview" to welcome spring, the "most loving season of the year", which begins the following day.

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