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WorlWide KPOP Day

WorlWide KPOP Day is held on August 13. This event in the second decade of the month August is annual. Help us Help us 
13 August - WorlWide KPOP Day
Make televisions and computers in your electronics stores show and listen to k-pop all day long -Publish only k-pop stuff on your personal websites. Organize big flashmobs featuring k-pop songs and choreography and upload them on youtube with the name ''WorlWide KPOP Day''. Make ''WorlWide KPOP DAY'' the most talked about topic on twitter.
It was born in the early 90s as an eclectic mix of musical styles, mainly influenced by the West, and is now recognized as a cultural phenomenon that sweeps the world with its own light. We are talking about K-pop, South Korea's flagship industry. Also known as one of the most important elements of Hallyu, and the Republic of Korea's most important export product (according to Unesco data), it will soon be celebrated by the millions of fans it has won internationally.
As to why the date was chosen, there is no historical background. Instead, it is widely known that it was a North American community passionate about the genre who designated and promoted it from Facebook.

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